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Every school has a Board of Governors made up of a team of volunteers both from within and outside the school community. The Board of Governors focuses on the long-term development and improvement of the Federation and in ensuring that the high standards of learning, achievement and behaviour we have at our schools are maintained and developed. Meetings relating to school finances, the curriculum, the school grounds, staffing and community projects are held with the common purpose of ensuring that the children at  Essendine and Hallfield Primary Schools receive the best possible education and make fantastic progress.


The clerk to governors is Mrs S Jacobs.  All correspondence to governors should be addressed to:

Mrs S Jacobs

North Westminster Federation

Hallfield Primary School

Hallfield Estate


W2 6JJ



These are our Governors  - 21 February 2023

Essendine and Hallfield Primary Schools federated on 1st September 2022 and both schools now belong to the North Westminster Federation. Below are our governors:

Register of Business Interests –  30 January 2024


Governors membership and meeting attendance September 2022 to July 2023